Stolen Goat MenÕs limited edition Ð Giro 100 year special cycling jersey 2017


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The menÕs Giro Special 100 jersey is part of our limited edition range Ð Only 100 jerseys in total Ð one for every year the Giro dÕItalia has been running!

Based on our Bodyline jersey, our Giro jersey commemorates the 100th year of the Giro DÕItalia. Bold Pink in colour of course, with an ÔxÕ shape on the rear, replicating when riders carried spare tyres/tubes on their person. Italian flags and a 100th-year-anniversary badge add the finishing touches to our tribute.

Be part of the historic moment.

Product Details

  • Discipline: Road
  • Team: Non Team
  • Zip Length: Full Zip
  • Age: Adult


The Bodyline Jersey was created with a specific brief Ð to be performance orientated, incredibly stylish and to feel fantastic on and off the bike without the huge price tag.

Manufactured to the highest standards and featuring subtle, stylish designs on top of high performing fabrics with a fit that was born in the pro peleton and has been adapted to fit the everyday hero just so.

The stolen goat Bodyline Jersey has the following core features:

Longer, aero sleeves Ð with a raw, laser cut end. These sleeves support your muscles, have zero flapping and simply stay put all day long without being restrictive or overly tight. They give you the pro look without costing you a proÕs wages.

Water resistant zipped 4th pocket. Yes it has your 3 standard reinforced rear pockets, but each Bodyline jersey also has a fourth pocket which is not only zipped but also has a water resistant inner lining. The perfect size for a smartphone. It keeps your phone and belongings safe from showers and perspiration.

Full length YKK cam-lock zipper. Zipps are something you only notice when they are bad. You wonÕt notice these. YKK make the best zips, simple as that. So thatÕs all you will find on a Bodyline jersey. The zips open and close easily with one hand or two and lock in place when pushed down.

Neckline zip protector. No matter how great the zip is, if it rubs against your neck all day long Ð itÕs annoying! A zip garage at the neck takes care of that.

Heat transfer neck labels. Nobody wants to ride with a scratchy neck label so purely heat transfer labels have been used for the neck. Super soft Ð you wonÕt notice them.

4 way stretch fabric. The UV-protected material that makes up the core of the jersey is designed for optimum ventilation and super fast quick drying. It has a four-way stretch meaning it moves with your body and is ultra comfy all day long.
Athletic fit. The Bodyline jerseys are designed to be an aero fit Ð whatever your size or body shape. They are not skin-suits by any means but they are an aero fit making you more competitive on the bike whatever your style of riding.
Manufactured in Belgium by the same factory that make the Belgium national kit, and a high percentage of the Pro teams (and using the same methods and materials).

Subtle branding Ð The Bodyline jerseys have very subtle brandingÉ because who wants to be a moving billboard?
*some of the smaller ladies sizes (small & x-small) have one less pocket as they are more narrow across the back Ð so 2 rear pockets plus a third zipped pocket.